Big News: TokuTek, SkySQL

Lots of movement in the MySQL and MariaDB universes this week, neither of which I could have predicted.

First, TokuTek announced yesterday that TokuDB is going open source, as GPLv2. There will be an Enterprise Edition as well, but their fractal tree indexes will be out in the open. I’ve not personally used TokuDB, but it’s very solid technology and this move will open up a lot of opportunities in the open source world.

Today, SkySQL has announced a merger with Monty Program Ab, the people behind MariaDB. Clearly this is a win for both sides, and to me it both improves the open source movement behind MariaDB as well as creates an even more formidable alternative to Oracle. I’ve personally switched all my projects from MySQL to MariaDB, and I’ve been very happy with the decision.

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