#dBlogWeek One Great Thing

Day 2 of the Diabetes Blog Week is about one great thing you or your loved one does about diabetes.

Drew got out there before me, writing about the support he gets from his partner. I was nodding my head a lot while reading that post, because I really cannot imagine going through any part of the past few months without Allison. She jumped right in, too, and has been there with me at every step of the way, reading everything in sight and watching out for me in every way possible. Even now as I have a better handle on everything I still feel safer and more relaxed with her around.

I’m going to violate the rules a bit again and mention a second great thing, which also wouldn’t have been possible without Allison’s support: exercise. I’ve generally been an active person, though it was never a very consistent thing; I’d have months where I’d walk more, and then others where I’d be mostly sitting on the couch. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, stretching, walking, and general exercise; all with her support and encouragement. Even though exercise is more often a “type 2” topic, it honestly is just as important for everyone, type 1, 2, and non-diabetics alike.

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  1. Tina Shaye C

    I am delighted to see people posting about the one thing their partners do. I am lucky enough to have support myself and know how truly invaluable it can be.

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