Bye-bye, DM1-4210us


I had this little laptop for about a week before I sent it back. I mostly got it to try and write more, and to have something a bit more portable, but there one of the keys on the keyboard was broken which mostly killed that. Even then, I had a hard time sending it back.

HP has the touch and the design down pretty well, and Windows 7 runs reasonably well on it. Hell, I didn’t even mind the HP software which came pre-installed: some of it was useful, and it didn’t seem to crush the system at birth. Fedora wouldn’t run, though Ubuntu seemed mostly happy.

For enough people, I’m sure it would do well enough. For less than $500 in a portable package, it’s hard to beat. With that said, the concept of a laptop really is getting harder to justify: the screen is not IPS, giving poor viewing angles and relatively weak color. Games, including Diablo 3 and Skyrim, while technically could run, were not playable.

It’s a good machine that makes compromises in the right places. It wasn’t doing it for me in the end, but I’m sure it would do well for a variety of uses.

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