Ars: Tracking goes offline

Why online tracking is getting creepier. Great, short article about an important topic.

“Email?” “No, thanks”

The long and the short from this article is that you should not give retailers or most any company your email address, if you can help it.

It used to be common practice to ask if you wanted to share your email address. The new pattern is to just ask for your address outright, as if it’s required.

In most any case you can just say “no, thank you,” and be on your way. You get all the perks, perhaps tinged with a slight moment of social awkwardness as you deviate from the standard script.

Global Opt-out

There are a number of good links, though these two are likely worth visiting ASAP: DMA Choice and LiveRamp Opt-Out. You can have these companies that gather addresses take you off their list, if only for a few years at a time.

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