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Lately, meditation has been about not plugging in my headphones when I’m walking. It’s casually looking at silence, or the sounds actually around me, and having that be enough. It’s slowing down, not needing to fill every nook and cranny. Life is OK, played at a more patient speed.

On the other end, I’m trying to get my heart rate up and high a bit more often, too. I’ve had a good exercise routine for the past few years, though I grew averse to huffing and puffing and moving about quickly. My calves need some serious work, but already it seems to be working.

NYT: Soda as 12k Steps

Drink Soda? Take 12,000 Steps. Yup. Sugary drinks are total bullshit. Those 12,000 steps clear 75g of sugar, which is just two cans worth.

It’s with a heavy heart that I admit that Philadelphia’s Federal Donuts is no longer a part of my daily routine. #IllBeBack, though

FC: One Word Stress Relief

How 60 Seconds And One Word A Day Can Reduce Your Stress. Thanks to Sarah for the link. Below is half summary, but more in the way I’ve been seeing things lately.

Stop Hitting Yourself

The first part of the article seems more useful than the second, though both are on the same thread: basically, the point is to stop hitting yourself, with words. Saying negative shit is actually bad for you, and having a negative internal dialogue is even worse.

I’ve been guilty of this long enough myself to know that even making subtle, nicer changes in the words with which you describe yourself can make a big impact. You don’t have to be a double rainbow unicorn, but cutting the shit and doom and gloom is a good first start.

Stand Up

More and more at work, I’ve been conscious of trying to get up out of my chair, especially when there’s a difficult problem to solve. Brood mind can start to carry weight, so dust those shoulders off and shake it off before it takes over in other physical means.

Western Om

Last part is basically about holding one positive thought or idea consciously for 10+ second stretches. Sounds an awful lot like an Om. For me, a sound of silence seems to work better than a word, but if the western PEACE or PLUR or whatever gets you going, why not go for it.

Fist Bumps > Hand Shakes

from the AP, via Yahoo!. Makes sense. I’ve preferred this for a while now, though perhaps now it can gain a bit of traction.

NYT: Love People, Not Pleasure

from the SundayReview. Great piece. I found it from a re-tweet, which highlighted this quote: “What do you post on Facebook? You build a fake life — an incomplete one.”

Mostly, though, I like this one: switch “Love things, use people” into “Love people, use things.”

Nothing earth shattering here, but definitely a good read, with some key reminders re: life.

Ars: Voodoo dolls + glucose levels

Voodoo dolls show how hunger and lack of self-control go hand in hand/. Interesting. So essentially, diabetics might be better partners, since it’s tough as hell to keep that glucose level all that low, which would correlate with being nicer to people.

On the flip side, I am super fucking cranky when my blood sugar drops. At least I know it, and that becomes time for ice cream and giving the world a break from my mess.