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Marvel’s CNN

Dear Marvel: you’re getting closer and closer to worldwide media domination. Your next step, should you choose to accept it: your own 24 hour news network.

What news anchor could top Beast, hanging from the ceiling? Who else could better read the minds of the world than Professor X? Tony Stark could have his own segments, weaving real current science and technology with aspirational advancements from his secret, private labs.

I’m even not opposed to having real news spun in with whatever else might be happening in your alternate timelines. Tell us about the struggles of mutants, and tie that in with the real struggle of minorities in our world. Even straight fiction could be more real than a certain percentage of what we get now anyway.

I know, it’ll take some time and effort to put it all together. Think about it, though. Now that we’re losing The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I need something else for my daily fix.

Biome: Genesis


Clarity: Segment (feat. Skeptical)

Whut. Thank you to Nick for the heads up to this album, in his recent post in THUMP.

SoundCloud: Lenzman LatS Promo Mix

Great mix. I sought it out after looking up Nick‘s review of Looking at the Stars in THUMP. Really looking forward to this release.

WTF #498: RuPaul

Mind-bendingly good episode. It was a great combination to have Marc with RuPaul. I feel like he got a lot out of it, and in any case I sure as hell did.

I’ve not really gotten the chance to listen to RuPaul talk for very long, and now that I have, I wish I had picked up on his words sooner. This episode is largely about his life and career, and his perspective throughout the years. It’s about transcendence, not taking life too seriously, and not getting in the way of yourself in your own life.

American Hustle: ZOMG

I had an incredible time watching this movie. It had drama, tension, and a great deal of uniquely branded moments of hilarity. It seemed to know exactly what it was doing, and it had the same confidence in itself that the character of Irving had in himself, pot-belly, false hair and all. A+

Squarepusher on SciFri

Squarepusher Rocks with Bots. Great interview. Tom pushes heavily on the idea that music by humans is characterized largely by our limitations. He talks a lot about our perception of what is “natural” or that which has soul.