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Colbert’s Escape Web Game

Seriously, this game is quite good. It doesn’t take that long to explore, though it’s quite funny and fun to play through.

As it says on that page, it was created with Twine. I’ve not heard of it before, though the results are certainly compelling.

When you’re doing a reading for your MBA class and the entire premise is based on a Star Trek: TNG episode #winning #farpointGambit

Mozilla’s Travel Guide

So good! Lots of really great info here, valuable for any and everyone. Thanks to Sheeri for the heads up!

Wired: Using Emoji Wrong

Sweet. At least I know it’s not just me, now. Shit is confusing sometimes.

Toni Morrison: 2015-04

from Fresh Air. Such a great interview. I could listen to her talk for hours.

Quick way to clear some space for yourself on the train: start rubbing Vapor Rub on your chest. #whut #ugh #seriously #pleaseNo

WaPo: Ballmer Lost His Mind to Fergie

Fuck yes. Everything about this post. I can’t even can’t even.