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Shop until you drop it like it’s hot.

You know it’s a Monday when you accidentally click on a banner ad.

Blur: 2014-09

I opened Steam for the first time in a while, and I realized how long it’s been since I’ve played a video game. Hell, I even forgot this site existed for the past few weeks.

I wrote a few times into a journal recently, and in general I’ve been writing, but not in this format. It’s getting even more tricky, in some ways, because media is so split all over the world. Facebook has a good hold, as does Twitter, as does so many other forms of media. It’s harder to get attention.

I went back to old emails, and I got a lot pouring over those pages. I used to write long letters, not all that often, but enough where I remembered writing them. I’ve been trying to do that a bit more lately. That concept swims against the tides of today a bit, though it can be intensely rewarding, much more so than the Social Media Zombie mode.

If you have any desire to write me, please do.

Technology has been in such a crazy state lately, enough so that it’s all getting to be a bit blurry. What Apple is doing looks a lot like Android, looks a lot like Apple. The science of UI has pushed forward; everyone has been stepping up their game. Processors are better than we need them to be, too, and the displays and cameras are so top notch that even the baselines push well past last year.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been relegating all my news viewing to Feedly, and setting limits so that I only go through the list twice a day. Same goes for most social networks. It’s full courses of information to replace incessant snacking. It’s working. I’m more relaxed. I still feel the twitch to break the rule, but when I do that’s time to zone out a bit and take a breath. I don’t need those updates; nothing all that new has happened that I cannot wait to read.

Zen mind is about clean pipes which can take in the full throttle of life with no congestion, processing streams with aplomb.

STTaaS: Stern Talking-To as a Service

Denial wears many coats

In reference to: forgetting what age I am, ++

this whole “don’t have ice cream every single day” thing isn’t working out quite as planned. On the other hand, I have been sticking to a single serving, which is rather less than what even a small cat might think to eat; silver, chocolate-caramel covered linings, and all.


When writing code, less is very often more. In the moving image, it’s called editing, as it is with the written word, though the standards aren’t always quite the same across different formats. Taking care takes so much more time; it’s living with the material rather than trying to pass quickly through it.

Some things are actually simple, too. Zen, perhaps, is then the act of ending with a final cut without the heartache, or the travel: it’s time warping to the heart of the matter. Perhaps, then, the no-mind is really more the absence of this typical amount of space between start and end.

I used to think I wanted to be a robot. Feelings were too, felt. I was getting caught on the threads, and I wished the matter wasn’t there. I wasn’t thinking of travel. Shortcuts seemed impossible, or at least worthy of despair.

What I found, though, was that the feelings need to be felt. You have to trudge through the sludge to know there is another shore with cleaner weather. The path can be foggy. Problems are allowed to be hard.

It’s great when we can defy gravity, leap to the final edit, but so often it’s only by sifting through hours of footage that we catch the seconds worth saving. Our brains must be trained to see what it is we want, to know what we need to get to the other side.