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NYT: Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele’s X-Ray Vision. Great article, worth reading through. If you’ve not seen Get Out, get to it, likely before reading the article, as it contains spoilers.

NPR: Noisy Co-Workers

What’s More Distracting Than A Noisy Co-Worker? Turns Out, Not Much. Preach

NYT: Psychological Safety

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. The short version is that the most important thing to building a team is what they call “psychological safety”. It’s a great article, albeit a bit long. One big insight is that even just allowing everyone to get a chance to speak is a big step in getting a culture to thrive.

NYT: Sustaining High Job Performance

from the DealBook. The short version is that we need each of these four things:

  • Get enough rest, including some slack time during the work day
  • Feel valued and appreciated
  • Deep focus on highest priorities
  • Connection to a mission / something greater

In a survey they ran, almost 60% of respondents reported they don’t have any of the above four things. Fucking nuts, but also entirely believable.

HBR: Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

from HBR. It’s easy to discount this as being a common sense statement, but the reality is that getting to a positive culture is hard. Focusing on the people also can easily get hidden behind other motives.

In a sense, then, this article is about flipping perspective a bit: look to change the underlying drivers of our behaviors, and by doing that everything else becomes easier.

Guardian: End of Capitalism

A considerably long read. To be honest, I’ve not read all of this yet. It’s pretty interesting from what I’ve seen so far, though. Information is key, and it’s slipping out everywhere, which is at odds with how the world used to be.

Obama’s Anger Translator

WHAT. ZOMG, how did I not know this happened. So good.