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Wired: Walkable Cities

Great, quick article about some interesting research. The key outcomes from the study is that you get the most from three main factors:

  • provide things to do
  • have any sort of street furniture
  • have first floor windows

NPR: Richard Rothstein

Historian Says Don’t ‘Sanitize’ How Our Government Created Ghettos. Unreal piece. Everyone really has to check this out, ASAP. My jaw literally dropped many times listening through this interview. It’s a very spooky, and rather well-hidden part of our society, despite the effects of it all being very much in plain sight. Please listen, then share.

NPR: Kind, Tribal Strangers

Why We Can Depend On The Kindness Of Strangers. Neat article. Makes sense, too. Basically, when you try to form a tribe, after you marry someone, you have to negotiate who you live with, and over time it won’t be all family from one of two sides. Point being: don’t fight your programming; be nice!

Tor: Viking Warriors 50% Female

So this is flippin’ awesome. Thank you to Jason for sharing.

BU/The Onion: Fiscal New Year Party

BU is pushing pretty hard with their latest fundraising efforts, mimicking an Onion article from 2001 titled Accountants Pack Times Square For Fiscal New Year.

I get it. It’s weird to see New Years things half way into the year, so you pay attention and then try to see why this letter took months to get to your house.

Now, at least, I know the proper response to these pecuniary pleas: frowning while holding a diet soda wrapped in a paper bag, shouting politely with a tie wrapped around your head.

Hammock Bear

Photo is hilarious. Seriously, don’t feed bears, but do make sure you have a camera handy at all times.

Hilarious. Just watched a squirrel edge in on a game of outdoor Bocce. Didn’t know what it was doing, but it chased every throw quite expertly