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New Theme: Dec/2013

I’ve had more or less the same theme on this site for quite a while. I’ve tweaked it slightly over the years, and I recently launched enough changes that I’m willing to call it “new”.

Open Sans

First up is a change in the default font. I first found Open Sans when Mozilla switched to it as a default in Firefox for Android. It’s beautiful, and it has a great, open license. I’ve used it internally for a while, putting it at the front of the CSS font selection and installing it on all my devices.

This time, however, I’ve set it up via the WOFF version using CSS @font-face, so any device that doesn’t have it natively can now enjoy it. This was also inspired by WordPress’s use of the same font in v3.8. It’s a great choice, and everyone should see it more often. I also went with the Light version of the font, which reads well and looks even a tad more elegant.

Sidebars and Infinite Scrolling

Pinterest was, to my knowledge, the first big site to allow for such functionality, and the Infinite Scroll feature in Jetpack has a great rendition of it. It’s relatively easy to enable, though it’s harder to allow with sidebars. In responsive, mobile-friendly sites, the sidebars can easily fall below infinity, meaning their content is never to be seen.

I “fixed” this issue by removing the sidebar entirely, and putting the functions in my primary navigational menu up top instead. This currently makes for a relatively wide area for text, yet there’s more white space which allows images and other media to shine a bit brighter.

Touch-friendly Menus

My next task was to try and sort out CSS hover menus in as few lines as possible. Here’s what I sorted out:

It’s relying on the fact that jQuery is loaded up for the other Jetpack plugins, and the fact that we’re given the rather nice CSS class menu-item-has-children from WordPress to seek out only the hierarchical menu items. It seems to work nicely. Let me know if you have suggestions or problems with it.

Going Dark

A few months ago, I decided to remove Google Analytics from this site. I’d check the numbers once in a while, but for the most part they were the same each day. Secondly, I wasn’t doing anything different based on it, and I came to the understanding that I didn’t want to be doing that anyway. I write here for the sake of writing.

Of course, there was a second layer: WordPress.com Stats. Same idea, but it’s rather well integrated with WordPress and it contained a nice dashboard widget. Partly I felt like Google has enough data as it is, but I somehow would help the WordPress project by being lazy enough to not delete it. Plus, it’s important to have some stats, right?

This past weekend, I took away the last bit of statistics. I really don’t know who is reading what. I do still have my Apache logs, but they’re incredibly dirty w/ my own views, robots, and whatever else crawls these pages.

So far, it’s working. I feel more motivated to write. I do not needing to rest on any laurels, nor worry about whether a particular post will get all that many hits. The gold stars from grade school are gone. I can see it more as content or a log of my life as I live it; less a game relating somehow to commerce.