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Squarepusher on SciFri

Squarepusher Rocks with Bots. Great interview. Tom pushes heavily on the idea that music by humans is characterized largely by our limitations. He talks a lot about our perception of what is “natural” or that which has soul.

SAW II: Gold for $5


I don’t even have a reasonable guess as to how many times I’ve listened through Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works, Volume 2. I do know I had it on repeat for large swaths of time. It’s beautiful, strange, and takes you to some wonderful places. It’s currently $5 on Amazon, so be sure to take a look.

Reso: Mind Games

Whut. Gold, A++ track.

iTAL tEK: Hyper Real

So good. The title checks out, too. Rinse, repeat.


So solid. Thanks to Nick for the heads up.

Lightning Bolt: Wonderful Rainbow


You might seriously have something wrong with you if sitting through the second and third tracks of this album don’t put a smile on your face or at least raise some hairs on your arm. Lightning Bolt is loud and rowdy as hell, rock and roll that would make a caveman shit and then start thrashing about. It was a delight when I first picked it up years ago, and it cuts just as well today. Tune in, by any means necessary.

VSnares: Rossz Csillag Alatt Sz├╝letett


I’ve listened through this album countless times, though I’ve put it in hibernation over the last few years. Picking it up again, I forget why. Venetian Snares is certainly an acquired taste, though this album zooms along and has some rather deep hooks.