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TED: Zander+Classical Music

Twenty minutes about how classical music can be transformative, when you know what to listen to or what to hear. I learned a thing or two, about notes resolving, tension, and the cadence by which performers play.

I don’t listen to classical all that much, though I see it as an education and that I would not mind lessons from those in the know. With the big role that technology plays, one would think that aspect is trivial, though perhaps it’s a matter of getting old media culture spun into our current consciousness.

Monolake: Silence


Haven’t played through this one in a while, but man is it a treat. The atmosphere is intense and immersive, the bass is heavy, and the drums carry me away. It’s a happy place, and still sounds current in 2013 even though it was released four years ago.

Radiolab: Dawn of Midi


from August 29th, 2013. Radiolab rocks. I’d never heard of Dawn of Midi before, though it’s certainly up my alley. I love the way that the hosts enter into the music, seeing different timescales being present at once and the many elements coming together. It’s that kind of experimentation that gets me to keep listening to electronic music, which as they point out in some ways has just been about the horizon of letting machines take us to places we’ve never been.

I Am Legion

This is the first self-titled LP from Noisia and Foreign Beggars, who are now established as “I Am Legion”. This pair came up previously with a track called Contact:

Noisia are really tops when it comes to sound design, and I also like their composition a lot. A few tracks on this new album dip a bit too much into man-rage a bit more than I like, though the Foreign Beggars have a great sound of their own and are certainly talented.

That the full album is now available on SoundCloud is also an interesting trend.

Boards of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest


I’ve been listening to Boards of Canada for years. Most all of their tracks have a very heavy pull to them, tugging at heart strings and setting the mind alight. They’ve been away for a bit, though this year saw a new album from the duo.

I’ve listened through Tomorrow’s Harvest many times now, and I’m still not entirely sure what I think. There are certainly some great tracks which take a bit of time to build. There’s a lot of downtime and drifting soundtracks included as well, which keeps the general pace of the album low. It feels partly evolved, yet also slightly separated from previous efforts.

Lately, this one has taken me a bit of effort to play through. Hell, though, it’s still BoC, and solid at that. Treat yourself and let that blood pressure trickle down a bit.

Bonobo: The North Borders


I’ve listened through this album a whole lot the past few months, and it hasn’t lost its golden glow. Bonobo is a masters of textures that are sharp and warm at the same time, and the rhythms pull at heart strings in all the right ways. If you want to sample more of the full tracks, the official YouTube channel is a great place to start. Sapphire may be one of my favorites, though the music video for Cirrus is also a visual delight.

LE: Just One Second (Apex Remix)

I don’t listen to Hospital Records all that often, but this one came through and it worked well towards wiping away the Mondays for me today. Turn that shit up. Listen to Drum and bass.